Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sustainable Bartlett Park

                                                   Green Jobs Now! rally

Residents are working diligently to complete many projects that will give us a safer, healthier and more affordable place to live.
Several cleanups and a community celebration are being planned for April and May.
On Saturday March 3rd we willjoin Campbell Park residents in a cleanup of Booker Creek.
Updated on 3-9-12

  • Community Garden with hands on learning of  how to grow organic food, harvest rainwater, use efficient irrigation, and compost yard waste into a rich soil amendment. We have worked with the city to craft a new ordinance. Lectures, classes and meetings held at garden.
  • Green for All conference attended by Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association representatives.
  • Home repair and energy efficiency improvements with Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay
  • Green Jobs Now rally.
  • Once a week trash pickup for residents who recycle most of their waste.
  • Yard of the Month recognizes a neighbor who contributes a beautiful landscape .
  • Paris Gardens gives residents native drought tolerant plants for front yards and edible food plants for back yards.
  • Pepper and Punk tree removal. Invasive exotics choke out native plants and wildlife and create unsafe conditions. In some cases Progress Energy and/or volunteers trim and remove trees that could damage power lines or fall on homes during a storm.  Experimental research on low cost tree removal.
  • Daily street litter cleanup and resident outreach.
  • Please Don't litter signs for storm drains and Salt Creek, and Dog Waste signs.
  • Resource Center open to public with information and how to guides. Many thanks to Edward White Hospital for helping rebuild our center. Visit at 642 22nd Avenue South or call 727-826-9774.
  • Booker and Salt Creek kayak trails. A request is pending to include us on city Bluewater Trail map.
  • Salt Creek wildlife education signs, fishing dock, litter cleanup, mangrove pruning plan.
  • Address problems of  homeless camping in parks, vacant lots and abandoned homes and leaving debris on the ground that washes into our creeks.
  • Neighborhood Energy Saver door to door outreach with Progress Energy for free and  low cost energy conservation improvements for every resident.
  • Urban League Home Weatherization program.
  • New bike paths on Martin Luther King Street South.
  • New signal for pedestrian cross walk.
  • Speed bumps for bicycle and pedestrian safety.
  • Converted street into pedestrian/bike path.  Landscape maintenance needed.
  • Street tree planting and sidewalk repair.
  • Green KaBoom! playground for young children. 
  • Bus shelters and high rate of bus ridership.
  • Connection to Pinellas Trail  following Booker Creek for recreation and commuting to work. This would add connections to the waterfront, downtown, Campbell Park and Tropicana Field.
  • Home retention assistance to keep homes occupied.
  • Newton Avenue Model Block planning, with much assistance from Bob Brown and Randy Wedding
  • Community History Project 
  • Neighborhood plan to encourage urban infilling instead of suburban sprawl development. Plan needs to be updated.
  • Citizen's Patrol to report unsafe conditions, including graffiti and trash dumping. 


Anonymous said...

Saved being a favored, I genuinely like your web site!

LWPON said...

I'm so cheered to see the community spirit and streetwise improvements. Does the Mc D and Burger K in the neighborhood offer corporate help? Just saying....Thank you for all the good work you do to improve St. Petersburg, Southside, Eastside, Westside and beyond!
A friend who used to live near Booker Creek gully.