Friday, June 05, 2009

Salt Creek and neighborhood cleanup day Saturday June 20st.

The Bartlett Park and Harbordale Neighborhood Associations, the Bartlett Park Community Resource Center and the Harbordale YMCA will sponsor a Salt Creek and neighborhood cleanup day Saturday June 20st.
Please call 727-895-0446 to register if you plan to participate. Call for information.

Also that day:
Paris Garden planting
Saturday, June 20, starting at 8AM

771 Preston Ave South-

Salt Creek and Neighborhood Clean-up
Saturday, June 20, starting at 8AM

642 22nd Avenue South
Next Cleanup is being planned for the last Saturday in August.

Wear work clothes and if you plan to work in the lake wear shoes that can get wet ! ! !
We will be cleaning up the area surrounding the lake.

Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association volunteer David Schroeder has been busy cutting and removing dozens of Brazilian Pepper-Trees that are threatening the mangroves of Salt Creek. Part of last year's clean up was to remove this invasive species before it can choke out the valuable native trees. This photo shows Dave loading a truck with pepper tree limbs. The city park is in the background to the south.
Lots of bottles and other litter are being cleaned up as well. The mangroves serve a function of filtering runoff before it enters Salt Creek. This litter is an example of trash that would have washed into the water if native vegetation has not stopped it.

Pepper-tree stumps are all that remain.

Click for map of Salt Creek.

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