Saturday, April 25, 2009

Residents march to "Stop the Violence"

Photo credit: Andrea Lypka

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Neighborhood protest
against violence

ST. PETERSBURG - A Bay Area community rallied together Saturday to stop violent crimes in their neighborhood.
Hundreds in St. Petersburg gathered at Bartlett Park, an area that has been plagued by shootings in the area just this year.
A long-running feud in a St. Pete neighborhood ended with 57 shots from two assault rifles into a home killing 8-year-old Paris Whitehead-Hamilton. About two weeks after that, another shooting at a recreation center sent a teenager to the hospital with two bullet wounds.
So Saturday, the community came together wanting violent crimes to end. Hundreds came out. The mayor, police chief, council members and other city officials were there, asking for the public's help in solving crimes.
Shenita Williams-Joseph was Whitehead-Hamilton's Aunt. The little girl was staying at her house when she was killed. Shinto is hoping her nieces death will help police in the future..
"They're going to solve a lot of cases due to Paris and other children. People are not going to be shutting up. They'll be talking to the police and sharing information," says Williams-Joseph.

Actually the shooting at the rec center happened in west St. Pete miles from Bartlett Park. People came out from all over the south side and throughout the city. Many neighborhood association leaders joined the march.

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