Thursday, March 11, 2010

Citizen’s Patrol – Keeping us Safe

Citizen’s Patrol – Crime Watch members drive through the neighborhood and alert police to crime and questionable activities. January 2012 patrols will be on Friday at 5:30.  Call the center at 727-826-9774 to register.

Bartlett Park Crime Watch
Next meeting on the second Thursday, 6PM at the Frank Pierce Center, 2000 7th Street South. Call first for summer schedule.

More information at:
Community Resource Center
642 22nd
Avenue South

Crime Watch meets each month. Citizen Patrol training, Court Watch, clean up and block parties are topics for discussion.

Cleanups are frequently held. Planning for an activity on April 11, 2012

National Night Out '09!

Update: Citizen's Patrol
The patrol has had a small group out every week since this April 2009. We have 2 cars with 3 volunteers per car; a driver, radio operator and note taker.  Many addresses have been reported for graffiti and illegal dumping thanks to our faithful volunteers. Broken street lights are reported and promptly repaired.

Noise complaints can now be turned in online.

Visit: for more information.

WHY a Neighborhood Crime Watch?
A Neighborhood Crime Watch encourages citizen participation in reducing crime.
Residents and police learn how to work together to achieve one common goal – "Making Our Neighborhood Safe."
Members will be taught how to protect your property and report suspicious activity to the police.

WHAT Does a Neighborhood Crime Watch Do?
Members meet their neighbors and learn how to make their homes and business more secure.
We watch out for each other and report suspicious activities to police.
Neighbors mark their valuable property with an identifying number to discourage theft and help police return stolen property.

Crime Watch Components

Meetings – These will be held at 6:00pm the 2nd Thursday of each month before the Bartlett Park Neighborhood meeting at 2000 7th Street South.

Citizen’s Patrol – Crime Watch members who walk or drive through the neighborhood and alert police to crime and questionable activities.

Communication – Regular discussion will be held between neighbors, Crime Prevention Officers and Community Service Officers.

Neighborhood Crime Watch is one of the most effective and least costly ways to prevent crime and reduce fear. So please come out and learn how we can work together to make our neighborhood safe!


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