Thursday, September 25, 2008

Community Garden Open House

September 27, 2008 09:00AM to 02:00PM
Hosted by Andrea Hildebran
On September 27th Green Florida opens the doors on the Bartlett Park Community Garden. The Bartlett Park Community Garden provides gardening space for neighbors, as well as kids programs and water conservation projects. A partner with Green For All, Green Florida works to promote a transition to a green energy economy. Through our programs we explore the ways our communities can create thousands of green jobs in the sectors of Clean Energy, Conservation, and Health Food Systems. Community members are invited to come September 27th to tour our community gardens, join us for some locally-grown food, and learn about our water-focused environmental programs. Learn about the drip irrigation system we're installing and the rainwater catchment programs we are developing for the future. Green Florida is training people in the creation and installation of rain barrels, which are one of the most sustainable ways in Florida to maintain food-providing gardens and healthy landscaping without overtaxing our shrinking water table.
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Location: 1443 Highland St S
The Bartlett Park Community Garden is located at the corner of Highland St and Newton Avenue South, East of Martin Luther King St S. (Newton Ave. is between 14th and 15th Avenues South)

Volunteers have been busy digging new plots for you to plant your own garden. (click on photo t0 enlarge)

Andrea and Miss Addie have been working Saturdays to be ready for the open house

Fresh beans were harvested from this patch to fix a community dinner

Update Sept 11, 2008

Last Saturday we got a huge amount of work done with a good turnout.
- All garden plots marked and strung.
- Mulch laid out on about half the paths.
- Stumps have been cut into cookies to set into the path.
- Lots of top rail was installed.
- A new trench was dug for the irrigation.
- The lot was mowed and edged.
- the curbs were cleaned up and swept.

It is really looking like a garden!

Here are our plans for Saturday listed by priority:
- Put in pump
- Lay pvc pipes for irrigation
- Planting some seedlings
- Mulching the paths
- Grounding the stumps to use as chairs

Hope to see everyone out there!

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