Monday, June 23, 2008

SevenX7 reaches out to Harbordale and Childs Park this Saturday

June 28th - Boots on the Ground in Childs Park & Harbordale to bring help and hope to 1,000 households. 8:00 am to 10:45 am. To volunteer for either of these outreach teams, call Kimberly R. Williams at 727-894-4311 x 205.

Operation "Boots on the Ground"
PLEASE RSVP to join the troops this Saturday who are taking-it-to-the-streets to reach and minister to the men, women and children who urgently need the healing power of faith.

Boots on the Ground on June 28th - Live Outreach in 2 locations - the Harbordale and Childs Park neighborhoods

8:00 am Pastors meet for Prayer at both locations
8:30 - 9 am Outreach volunteers receive instruction and supplies
9 - 10:00 am Outreach teams cover 2 blocks each.

Churches located east of 34th Street (US 19) will meet at the Harbordale YMCA (2421 - 4th St. S.) to canvass the Harbordale neighborhood. Churches west of 34th Street will meet at the Childs Park Rec Center (4301 - 13th Ave. S.).

PLEASE NOTE - "Boots on the Ground" outreach and evangelism will continue all summer-long. To stay updated on the work of the Seven x 7 movement, visit x

Here are some photos of the first outreach in Bartlett Park. The group started at the Frank Pierce Center in the park. And here is a report of that day. Twenty Two pastors led over a hundred volunteers on a door to door outreach to our residents. The Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association provided addresses of "hot spots" where embattled residents needed the most support. Contact SevenX7.

Photo Credit: Rev. Martin Rainey

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