Sunday, January 13, 2008


This Indy film is finishing up work here in Pinellas.
Steve Persall gave us a look at the films production in yesterdays Times.

"Misconceptions began production Jan. 3 at various Pinellas County locations. Principle photography is expected to continue until Feb. 5. Working from Ira Pearlstein's original screenplay, Satlof bolstered his crew and staff with dozens of volunteers and unpaid extras, including several of his students, stretching a shoestring $500,000 budget as far as it will go. "

Last week we watched the crew at work on 12th Avenue and in a new Ingleside home.
IPhone photos by Susan Lehey and Vicki Bennett who worked as extras. Top: Camera guy, script lady, Director Ron Satlof and assistant director. Midde: Vicki "waiting to make my entrance. For the umpteenth take." and Orlando Jones. Bottom: The "real" actors. More at A Mark on My Wall. 

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