Thursday, February 14, 2008

Community Garden Update

Join the the Market Team that runs our booth on Saturday mornings or come by to say hello while you are shopping or listening to the music..

The garden may soon be open at the corner of Newton Ave. and Highland Street (just east of MLK) in the Bartlett Park neighborhood.

The Saturday Morning Market operates on Saturdays between October and May, from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm, on Central Ave. between 1st and 2nd Streets in downtown St Petersburg.

You are invited to participate with the garden booth at the Saturday Morning Market every Saturday.

The monthly meeting on the last Tuesday has been changed to every other Wednesday. The following Wednesday a work group will meet at the garden.

Check out the February 27th issue of Creative Loafing and an upcoming issue of the St. Petersburg Times for new stories.

Community Garden Website


Anonymous said...

Bartlett Park Community Garden will be a beautiful improvement to an already up and coming neighborhood in St. Petersburg. I think Mayor Fisher should move there to validate this, as he so often tells everyone how much that community has improved.
I look forward to seeing the Garden as it Grows! Mayor, please move! If not to Bartlett, then to maybe Clearwater.

Tom said...

Our city has given a lot of support to our proposed community garden and to the existing gardens.

Ten years ago Mayor Fisher made this neighborhood a priority and a lot of good things happened. VISTA volunteers were assigned to work here and one of the projects was a garden near the tennis courts in the park. Faye Jackson got that organized with strong support from city staff and Council member Earnest Fillyau. The youth harvested a bountiful crop.

I was also a VISTA volunteer that year working on other projects.

Our current Mayor may also be a supporter. I have not spoken to Mayor Baker but Deputy Mayor Dave Metz and Neighborhood Partnership director Susan Ajoc have been very interested in learning of this project and have already made many helpful suggestions.

Please come to the Saturday Morning Market this Saturday and meet some of our volunteers.