Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Resource Directory - phone numbers

Government Directory -Links and phone numbers

Department/Service Phone

Animal Services 582-2600
Appliance, Furniture Pick Up 893-7398
Auto Theft Unit / Prevention 893-7080
Bartlett Park Community Resource Center (727)826-9774
642 22nd Ave South, St. Petersburg, FL 33705
Burglary Tip Line 892-5000
City Watch 551-3344
Code Enforcement, Codes Officer Agnieszka Brooks 892-5475
Garbage, Commercial 893-7351
Garbage, Container Repair 893-7309
Garbage, Residential 893-7334
Graffiti Removal 893-7394
Library System (County)

Library System (City)

Mayor's Action Line 893-7111
Mulch (Free)

Narcotics and Vice 552-5900
Neighborhood Cleanup 893-5141
Police, Crime Statistics 893-7780
Police, General 893-7780
Police, Community Service Officer District 1 551-3181
Rodent Control 893-7360
Recycling Drop Off 893-7398
Tampa Bay Water

Water Conservation & Facts

Water Restrictions

Please tell us which numbers we need to add to this list. If you need a number or have one to add please leave it in comments or call the resource center.


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